Winner 2015 Product of the Year

Cloud-based Vibration Monitoring System Honored for Its Demonstrated Ability to Improve Manufacturing Plant Operations


[ed. note – 02/01/16 – The WATCHMAN Portal was named as Product of the Year.  Formal Awards ceremony on March 21, 2016 in Chicago.]

Azima DLI, the leader and premier global provider of predictive machine condition monitoring and vibration analysis services, today announced that the WATCHMAN™ Reliability Portal 3.0  has been selected as a 2015 Product of the Year winner by Plant Engineering. The winners represent outstanding achievements in innovation and product design.Winner 2015 Product of the Year

Plant Engineering selected Product of the Year winners based on votes by eligible readers who have direct buying authority and purchasing responsibility in America’s manufacturing plants. According to Plant Engineering, its list of Product of the Year winners represent the best new ideas to help manufacturers operate safer, smarter and faster. Entries were received from all over the world and were narrowed down by a panel of experts who selected finalists based on their ability to deliver the greatest value to manufacturing.

Two important innovations characterize the new big data and cloud based service features of WATCHMAN Portal 3.0 that break down barriers to achieving operational excellence.   The WATCHMAN Portal delivers a holistic view of key performance metrics in a simple, actionable format and adds unique multi-language support throughout the PdM process.

PortalPdM programs present an excellent opportunity to gather volumes of data on both machine and human behavior. Azima DLI takes the next step of converting that condition monitoring data into proactive intelligence of a plant’s machine health. From a single plant or across an enterprise, the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal displays key performance indicators (KPIs) with quick, meaningful snapshots paired with patterns and trends in maintenance activities that can positively or negatively impact operational objectives.  Access to key benchmarks with peer and industry comparisons, can uncover opportunities to gain effectiveness and efficiencies in PdM programs.

Additionally, WATCHMAN Portal 3.0 offers multi-language support for global customers. But it’s not just a function of translating the information into another language. With this cloud-based solution, WATCHMAN Portal 3.0 allows customers to work in their native language and engage with Azima DLI US-based, English speaking expert analysts seamlessly.

For example, a maintenance technician in China takes machine tests with a native language interface of ExpertALERT™  and uploads the data collected to the Azima DLI Data Center in the cloud. That machine data can be accessed by a US analyst in English for assessment and analysis. Diagnostic faults and recommended actions are immediately available to the maintenance staff in their native language.

“With Plant Engineering readers voting on these awards, we know the benefits of the WATCHMAN Portal are being recognized by individuals who understand the true power of the cloud empowering organizations to make timely and informed maintenance decisions,” said Burt Hurlock, CEO, Azima DLI. “The WATCHMAN Reliability Portal is a valuable element of our customers’ condition monitoring programs, with powerful information and analytical capabilities that play a critical role in WATCHMAN programs.”

Winners of the 2015 Product of the Year Award will be honored at the CFE Media’s annual Engineering Awards in Manufacturing event in Chicago on March 21, 2016.