The WATCHMAN™ System

The WATCHMAN™ System

The WATCHMAN System combines expert reliability services, proven methodology, and an unmatched reliability portal that provides multi-level views and access to your entire PdM program.

The WATCHMAN System is a managed condition monitoring system allowing our customers to implement a secure, scalable and efficient PdM program hosted by Azima. The WATCHMAN System is an implementation of data collection, data analysis and data processing and storage utilizing the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal.   The WATCHMAN Portal is your dashboard that provides multi-level views and access to your entire PdM program across the enterprise.  Azima’s data collection instruments, automated diagnostic software, secure web-based communications and expert analysts provide a robust infrastructure for the most sustainable and efficient PdM program.  Our customers benefit from a hosted system that is managed by PdM and IT experts so you never have to worry about system uptime, software upgrades or information accessibility.

The WATCHMAN System is comprised of several proven elements. 

  • Azima’s TRIO Vibration Data Collectors and Sprite™ Online Monitoring Systems
  • High availability, redundant Windows® Server™ systems operating at secure managed data centers
  • ALERT Automated Diagnostic Software
  • WATCHMAN Reliability Portal

The WATCHMAN System is available as a hosted solution for your internal plant or enterprise-wide PdM program.  Our hosted solution includes:

  • 24/7 access to your company branded portal
  • 24/7 access to ExpertALERT Automated Diagnostic Software for your analysts, via Terminal Services to the Azima data center
  • IT systems engineers are onsite ate the data center, ensuring high availability of the portal system
  • Scheduled database backups
  • Rental options are available for portable data collectors and online systems
  • Quick access to Azima expert analysts for second opinions of machine assessment
  • Centralized machine condition data & report repository, available across your plant, region or enterprise

Key Benefits

  • No capital, support or IT costs
  • Software is always up to date
  • Deep analyst bench and knowledge
  • Increased plant safety
  • Quickly view plant health with machine summary reports
  • Easily access linked infrared thermography, oil analysis, motor, battery, reciprocating engine/compressor analysis reports
  • View online system automated and reviewed diagnostic results