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Vibration Analysis and PdM Related Articles

Thoughts to consider when evaluating PdM

The collection below contains published articles and papers by Azima DLI.  Each contains relevant content and information that may benefit your PdM program planning and implementation.  Whether you are planning a walk-around system or have assets that demand more frequent online monitoring, this collection can help guide your discovery.

Your Guide to PdM>>Predictive Maintenance Guidebook

This FREE e-book offers guidance when considering a predictive maintenance program. Click here to access>>

>>Operating at Capacity: When PdM is Not Optional

Companies in fiercely competitive markets have to maintain parity when it comes to proven innovations.  This explains the pervasiveness of ingrained predictive maintenance cultures in the industrial gases sector. PdM is a staple because reliability is expected. Other markets have similar ingrained cultures but not with the same consistence. This culture did not happen all at once among the industrial gases companies, but rather a consequence of first adopters outperforming their competitors by distinguishing themselves on the basis of reliability.  This sequence of events may be playing out similarly in other sectors as the Industrial Internet of Things reaches into the predictive market.  Read the full UPTIME Magazine article, by clicking the link below.

Uptime Magazine, Oct/Nov 2017 

>>Bringing it all Together

Big Data and the Internet of Things allows for more information to be gathered and distributed to help manage and control plants and operations.  But being able to understand, decipher, and take action on this highly connected, new frontier of technical information could be a daunting task.  This article is a great read on how businesses are managing and making sense of big data.

International Mining, November 2016

>>Truth in Adoption

Proponents of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) often say predictive maintenance is ripe for digital transformation because today’s point solution can’t scale.  They often leap to the potential of machine learning and visions of closed-loop, self-diagnosing machines.  What does the path for digital transformation of PdM look like and where is the line between hype and reality?  Burt Hurlock, CEO of Azima DLI, presents in this Solutions 2.0 web conference what IIoT has to offer over today’s solutions, the obstacles of IIoT adoption, and trust, control, and the role of domain experts.

ReliabilityWeb, Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference, October 20, 2016

>>In Defense of Online PdM Systems

“The argument against permanently installed online condition monitoring solutions has been universally financial. The argument is that a technician with a handheld data collector can cover a lot more ground, test many more machines, and go to where the trouble is far most cost efficient, while the sunk cost of a permanently installed vibration sensor may take years to justify itself, if ever, because machines selected for permanently installed online monitoring may take years to show signs of deterioration. The only way to test the argument is to run the numbers…”  Read the full article by Azima DLI CEO, Burt Hurlock, in the link below.

Published in Industrial Machinery Digest, October 3, 2016

 >>Breaking Down the Walls of Data Silos

Michael DeMaria, director of product management, shares insights on how collaboration can be the key to success in PdM programs.

First published in Industrial Machinery Digest, August 1, 2016

>>Things to Think About and Do 2016

Burt Hurlock, CEO of Azima DLI, contributes to the annual publication by Reliability Web and Uptime Magazine.  The project shares how some of the leaders in this space look into the future with ways to take advantage and be more successful in reliability and asset management.  Read more>>

 >>Masters of the (Big Data) Universe

Burt Hurlock, CEO of Azima DLI,  talks about how you can effectively master Big Data in optimizing your predictive maintenance program (first published in the June issue of Plant Engineering.)

>>Data Drive

Ken Piety, VP|Technology and Tyler Pietri, program engineer for Azima DLI, contribute to the article on how Big Data is affecting the industry in the recent American Metals Market magazine.

>>Industry Responds to PdM Survey

Six leaders share their thoughts on program spending, technologies, and satisfaction.

Plant Services – April 2016 issue | Download Pdf version

>>State of the Workforce: Industry’s response to workforce change

Plant Services, December 2015 issue | Download Pdf version

>>Human Capital and the Internet of Things

Uptime Magazine, October 2015 issue 

>>Advantages of Predictive Maintenance in the Cloud

BIC Alliance, August 2015 issue

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