Industry Trends

More Companies Are Outsourcing Predictive Maintenance, Should You?

Industry Trends
Maximize your plant’s performance

During lean times you want to control maintenance costs and during boom times you need to maximize your production uptime.

Effective machine condition based monitoring can help you achieve these goals, but how effective is your in-house condition based monitoring program? How much does it cost in terms labor, training, inefficiency and limited effectiveness? How much has your program suffered when your champion is reassigned to other work?

The performance of a condition based monitoring program can change quickly when leadership or technical expertise is lost. A recent study has identified that only 40% of in-house condition based programs are stable or thriving, and the remaining struggle or have been abandoned. Industry trends indicate that an increasing number of industrial companies are now outsourcing their condition based monitoring programs.

Choose the right PdM Partner

You need a partner that:

  • Provides expertise in multiple PdM technologies
  • Possesses the size and depth to efficiently manage a sustainable program
  • Delivers quality machine condition assessments

70% of industry will outsource their condition based monitoring programs in the next five years

The right partner can reduce your overall maintenance expenses and provide the peace of mind that the world’s foremost machinery experts are monitoring your critical equipment. The right partner delivers timely information and analytics in a web format that provides transparency into your program.

The right partner is Azima.

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