PdM for Oil & Gas

PdM for Oil & Gas

Includes exploration & production, upstream operations , midstream pipelines, as well as refineries and liquefied petroleum gas operations downstream.

Oil Platforms

Each platform produces from multiple wells located as far out as 15 miles from the platform itself. Oil and gas flows to the platform where it is treated and separated. Several processes take place on the platform to aid in the treatment and separation process. Oil and gas is then transported via pipeline to shore. These pipelines sometimes feed other offshore platforms that act as transfer stations to boost pressures.

Azima monitors Oil and Gas assets including:

• Air compressors

• Oil pipeline pumps (export pumps)

• Oil Booster Pumps

• Heat Media Pumps (used to heat crude oil so that it flows easier)

• Reciprocating Compressors

• Vapor Recovery Compressors

• Boost Gas Compressors

• Reciprocating Engines

• Cooler Fans on some of the Platforms

• Multiple other support pumps

• Ballast/bilge pumps

• Water makers (RO units)

• Electric Motors

• Electric Switchgear

This industry is usually divided into three major categories:

Upstream Sector

The upstream sector is also referred to as Exploration & Production or E&P. This is where discovery occurs for crude oil and or natural gas. Drilling wells can be exploratory, or used for production.

Midstream Sector

The midstream Sector involves the transportation, storage and wholesale of crude or refined petroleum products.

Downstream Sector

The downstream sector involves refining of petroleum crude oil, processing or purifying of natural gas and the production of products such as gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, fuel oils, waxes, diesel oil, lubricants and liquefied petroleum gas.

Best PdM Technologies to Apply

Azima uses several Predictive Maintenance technologies in the oil and gas industry. These include vibration analysis, motor testing, oil analysis and infrared technology. Azima serves many of the world leaders in all sectors of the Oil and Gas Market. Facility locations span from the Gulf Coast of the US to the North Sea and on to the Middle East.

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