Best of breed technology.

    Automated vibration diagnostic software and data collectors/analyzersDanCollecting.png

    Built for safety, durability, and performance, the TRIO® vibration data collectors and analyzers are designed for the demands of the field and are ready to perform.   Paired with ExpertALERT automated vibration diagnostics, you have one of the most powerful instruments you can have in your PdM program to keep production running.

    • Windows® based tablet 
    • 10-inch touch screen with maximum view and automatic backlighting
    • IP65 rated, ready for most industrial environments
    • Modular design to keep your team protected
    • HAZLOC approved


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    Expert analytical support for your program.

    Domain expertise for your PdM program.

    Under WATCHMAN Services, you have access to a deep bench of skilled analysts who can assist with even the most complex of machines in your plant to keep operations going and avoid unplanned downtime.

    • Multi-technology certified
    • Collaborative analytics
    • Program and management, executive sponsorship


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    360-degree visibility.

    Dynamic health information—anytime, anywhere.

    The WATCHMAN Reliability Portal offers real-time web-based access to machine health and performance metrics  available to  all stakeholders, from plant staff to the executive office.

    • Follow changes in machine health
    • Assess risk to production
    • Check condition reports at any time
    • Customizable views of what's important to you


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